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Over a Decade of Excellence

City Boys Hostel is a vibrant accommodation hub nestled on Palwas Road in Sikar, close to Prince School, offering a cozy retreat for students and working professionals.

Established with the aim to cater to the needs of individuals seeking affordable and quality lodging, City Boys Hostel has been a reliable option since its inception, providing a comfortable stay with modern amenities.

City Boys Hostel has proudly served a diverse range of clients, including students from Prince School, working professionals in Sikar, and individuals seeking a safe and welcoming environment.

Recognized for its exceptional services, City Boys Hostel has received accolades for its convenient location, friendly staff, and commitment to providing a secure and comfortable living experience.

John Doe

John Doe, the visionary founder of City Boys Hostel, is a hospitality expert with a passion for creating spaces that feel like home.

Starting with a belief in affordable quality lodging, John began City Boys Hostel to offer a safe and welcoming environment for individuals in Sikar.

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